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22 juil 05 14:08 - lifesizemirror_

I'm so screwed. Tonight is my party. And I know I'm gonna drink. But the thing that worries me is that I eat all kinds of crap when I'm drunk. I just wanna have a good time, but I know I'll be paying for it.

Anyone have any ideas or advice on how to not stuff my face when I'm drunk tonight?

20 juil 05 12:36 - gardenangel - yippee

After five days of having to eat some, I can starve my ass off again. I love the feeling of intense hunger, and after it subsides for a little while I feel light, I coast. I like it. Mom and dad are gone, my final paper for my class is done. I get to be me again. Eating for my mom and dad absloutely sucked. I am too old to walk on eggshells for them, but hey, my mother can nag nag nag, and sometimes that is more painful than eating. My dad lmao can you say condescending. Here's to ana, welcome back dear friend.

13 juil 05 11:24 - gardenangel - liquid diet

Ok, I got into a smaller pair of jeans today. Yipee, but still fat fat fat fat. Anyone know any good liquid diets besides the Hollywood 48 hour Miracle Diet. Yeah it works, and I like it but I am tired of it. I make myself sick when I drink too much water, so I can't just drink water. If anyone has any good Ideas, please share. Anyone out there besides my fat ass?

16 mai 05 04:20 - __eyelined

Right... so I know this fucker is dead as shit at the moment.
(I'm a guilty little fuck up right now.)
If you are going to join the community, POST YOUR GODDAMN APPLICATION!!!
Look at the first post of this community. OMFG! ***INFORMATION***
I'm not approving anyone until they do.
So 5poundsperweek, bleedme_perfect, iwant2bthin4eva, passionary, standby_yourvan?

11 mai 05 11:56 - sweetlycorupted

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, god this sux! OK I stopped trying for awhile and all I did was eat, I seriously have horrible it's . I'm at my highest weight EVER!!!!!!!!! The next peron to mention it to me is just going to DIE!! Cuz it's all I've been hearing lately.

I say I'm fat..my boyfriend agree's with me!
My therpaist is after me.
My Dr. will be too since I gained 27 pounds since the last time I saw him and I'm totally obese!!
O and my lovely grandparents too.

I wish I could stop eating, I'm like the most disguisting looking thing in the world! My boyfriends senior prom is the 20th. I bought a dress 4 months ago but had to buy a new one in a size 16 becasue the old one didn't fit me anymore!! I don't even want to go, I'm goling to look sooo bad! but my boyfriend is counting on me,

Height: 5'3
CW: 167
GW #1: Fitting into my size 11 clothes again, that is the most pathetic goal I have evr heard
GW#2: 120

12 avr 05 17:08 - gr3en_smurf

DAMNN!! so i fucked up my diet i went out drinking this weekend and fucked it up..lol and then i restarted and went out again last night so im starting again at like 10pm tonight doing 3 weeks no more drinking im a water chick..lol
JOIN ME!! lol my aim is mistakes made me
and msn chatterbox1313@msn.com

Hour: 0/504 [three weeks]
Current weight:...GURRR
Number of pounds lost: 0
Number of pounds to go: 25

Name: Christina
Age: 16
Location: Avon Park,Florida
BMI: 33.5
Height: 5'7
HW: 256
LW: 115
STGW: 189.. may 1st
157.. june 1st
135.. july 1st
LTGW: 110.. aug 11th
E.D. type: ana
Have you been diagnosed/do you self-diagnose? about two years ago

8 avr 05 15:11 - compulsive_lair

some asshole's been bothering me. everyone beware.


8 avr 05 15:48 - gr3en_smurf

flipping long days..ok well i made posters like 300 of them where past out fo this girl i really hate and then i got 3 days of OSS for that with caity and i got 3 days ISS for skipping drama class 21 times..lol in one nine weeks..hahaha, so my dad didnt really care and like laughed about it but my mom is flipping and i had bought 92$ my own money tickets to go to an ashlee simpson concet i bought them back in december and its tomorrow and she isnt going to let me go im so flipping pissed off like damn!! i swear im not doing anything going anywhere im never driving again i hate her!!! FUCKING!! And then to top it off i was in fucking ISS today and i went to the bathroom and some bitch sold my brand new 300$ cell phone i was pissed and she also took my car keys..GURRR some dude told on her and i got all my stuff back she got 2 days OSS i was so mad so i was like im leaving it was 1 and i dont get out till 3 but the ISS guy saw how pissed i was and was like just go. So now im stuck at my dads work till 7pm and its only 345 im in such a bad mood with all of this!! GURR but here is some good news..lol

Hour-47/3 weeks
LB. lost-4
LB. to go-18


7 avr 05 19:07 - gr3en_smurf

ok so im doing the 0nlythreeweeks diet going awesome so proud and im going to make it 3 weeks no cheating im so damn determand!!

Hour: 27/504 [three weeks]
Current weight: ...dwendling
Number of pounds lost: 2.5
Number of pounds to go: 25

Anyone care to share there progress?

7 avr 05 12:24 - compulsive_lair

Wow looking at how much everyone has lost really depresses me and motivates me. I wanna be like you girls, losing and losing...

Food has such a grip on me. I wish that I didn't have to want it. It haunts me, consumes my thoughts, controls my actions. Its like there's a hungry little girl inside of me controlling my limbs. I beg her not to want it, not to eat it and she just placates me with comforting food. and i drown in the food, the comfort and the sorrow. i have been defeated, i shall live to be fat another day.

and i hate that i can't purge for fear of dirty toilets. even if i clean mine first. there's still the fear of germy water splashing back up into my face and infecting my eye or something. i really really wish i could purge at school but this phobia makes it very impossible.

I hate food. I wish I could just starve forever.

Anyone ever found anything that makes you completely UNHUNGRY? pills, practices etc... i want it all.

xposted to my fav communities ;)

6 avr 05 19:53 - gr3en_smurf


WANNA BE...Réduire )

6 avr 05 17:46 - gr3en_smurf

im stopping my 7 day fasting and going to try a lose 40lb in 3 weeks diet starting later tonight if you want to add me to you
aim its mistakes made me
call 863-443-3989 my cell names christina
you can e-mail me at chatterbox1313@msn.com
talk to you later THINK THIN!

CW-187 reacted my goal!!!
next goal 157-may 30th

4 avr 05 11:31 - gr3en_smurf

ok ive been a member..but i just wanted to post this to show all of my wonderful progress

Name: Christina
Age: 16
Location: Florida, Avon Park
Height: 5'7
CW: 197
HW: 256
LW: 115ish
189-April 16th-- so CLOSE!!!!!!!
157-May 24th
135-June 30th
110-Aug 9th

E.D. type: ana
Have you been diagnosed/do you self-diagnose? yes, about two years ago
Picture/s of yourself (optional): ill try to get some later when i hit my first goal weight!

4 avr 05 11:21 - gr3en_smurf

YAY i made it throught my 7 day fast lost a total of 16lb when i weighted myself this morning im starting another 7 day fast at noon today food makes me wanna barf at this point i look at and am like yicks. Well got to go still grounded but they left me at home so :) Later.. IM me if you wanna fast with me AIM- mistakes made me

2 avr 05 13:48 - gr3en_smurf

Hour: 132/168 fasting
Current weight: 200
Number of pounds lost: 13
Number of pounds to go: 5

sorry i cant really update got into alot of trouble..lol OSS for 6 days so im grounded ill try to keep on updateing THINK THIN!!!

30 mar 05 10:39 - gr3en_smurf

im starting a new fast at noon todays 7 days i have to be down at 189 by MAY please give me so advice encourage me i need to i have to it is so important to me!! Im 217 right now.



29 mar 05 16:00 - gr3en_smurf - NewBe HERE <33 me

*Name: Christina
*Birthday/Age: March 13 1988/17
Location: Florida,Avon Park
*Height: 5'7
HW (at this height): 257
CW: 221
LW: 115
STGW 1: 189
STGW 2: 157
STGW 3: 134
LTGW: 110
*What is your primary ED? ana
History: i was down at 115 then i was hospitalized and went to live with my grandma who watches you eat 3 fatty meals a day and i have no gag reflexs so i gain to 257 now im at 221 wanting to get back down.
*Why do you want to join? To see other people like me and help them vis versa
*Do you understand the rules?

pics!!Réduire )

16 mar 05 18:37 - __eyelined

Welcome to fatED elitists.

If you are looking for a supportive, safe community that allows you to be yourself, you are at the right place..

To apply, read the userinfo thouroughly. The rules and form are located there.

This community is elite and is so for a reason. For the sake of fairness, I give everyone a chance of joining. I will look through all applications as well as all applicants' journals. (To prevent trolls, antis, etc.) If you are looking for a quick fix, think this a diet, or your BMI isn't 25 or higher, do not bother applying. To everyone else, apply away. :)

I can't wait for this community to get rolling.

Your Mod
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