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DAMNN!! so i fucked up my diet i went out drinking this weekend and fucked it and then i restarted and went out again last night so im starting again at like 10pm tonight doing 3 weeks no more drinking im a water
JOIN ME!! lol my aim is mistakes made me
and msn

Hour: 0/504 [three weeks]
Current weight:...GURRR
Number of pounds lost: 0
Number of pounds to go: 25

Name: Christina
Age: 16
Location: Avon Park,Florida
BMI: 33.5
Height: 5'7
HW: 256
LW: 115
STGW: 189.. may 1st
157.. june 1st
135.. july 1st
LTGW: 110.. aug 11th
E.D. type: ana
Have you been diagnosed/do you self-diagnose? about two years ago
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